About NNY

Next New York is a global online destination that allows readers to both discover and follow the most engaging creative projects and people in art, fashion, design, architecture and hospitality from around the world. Initially founded by interior designer Irvin Campbell in 2010, Next New York has, since then, gone on to continuously increase the number of its followers, the quality of its content as well as its participation at the most exclusive creative events around the globe. Unlike other design blogs, Next New York reflects an intimately curated ensemble of experiences, projects and products that unanimously stand for beauty, craftsmanship and sophistication. As our commitment to continuously hand select our ‘Next New York’ publications is a testament to our vision and the quality of work that we exude, Next New York has been labeled as one of the best online destinations by world renowned publications.

Our readership consist of high end professionals, with vast spending power who travel frequently. They are not simply random situational surfers but a connected international community of decision makers and opinion leaders characterized by their strong personalities, refinement, enhanced intellectuality and a high degree of influential power among their personal and professional peer groups. Next New York’s readership has until now been accumulated only by word-of-mouth and in short time reached an international audience due to the professional knowledge and well-known trend-scouting talents of its team, its unique and high quality content and great aesthetics.

Next New York is promoted and communicated in select press magazines and exhibitions around the world, thus appealing to a wider target group and attracting even more qualified readers. Up to date Next New York has received much media attention, both locally and internationally and is frequently contacted by international media for featuring it in their publications.

Designed to cut through the clutter, the redesigned website which was launched on 06th August 2013, affords access to our tried and tested favorites from the world of architecture, fashion and arts, the latest design and travel news, and word-of-mouth travel tips from our friends and partners.