Problems of storing vinyl records in cold

Problems of storing vinyl records in cold

If you are in your 40s and you have been into music in some way, shape or type, you have always had a stack of vinyl albums. If so, you might know the right way to treat and take care of them.

To those people of a younger generation who are new to vinyl music, here are a few tips about problems of storing vinyl records in cold.

As for an Album, you want to remove your vinyl albums from the sides in order to protect the finger prints off the playing surfaces of the record.Problems of storing vinyl records in cold2

Know, the moisture from the fingertips is mildly acidic, and if not washed, the surface of the vinyl will be permanently colored.

It is safest to use a lint-free and static-free wet wipe while washing your papers, but you should also use a somewhat dampened soft rag.

Wipe the vinyl gently because it is a fragile product, and of course you do not want to drive dust and dirt into the album grooves.

Try to avoid producing clutter because it is a magnet to draw dust to your record-and that undermines the goal of trying to clean it first.

When you want to get the best sound you can, you need to do more than just keep your records clean with tips for storing vinyl records.

You also need to keep your rotary needle (aka: stylus) clean and in good condition. When the needle is dirty or flat, it can have a detrimental effect on the sound of the replay and will also harm your favorite records.

Turntable needles are replaceable, and it is often a smart idea to buy a substitute or to keep one on hand.Problems of storing vinyl records in cold3


Vinyl record pressing, the safest way to store the records is to put them in their dust cover cases, and then in their vinyl jackets.

Do not leave the albums out and uncovered where they can collect dust, and since the vinyl records are made of flexible plastic, they can be irreparably damaged by heat and direct sunlight.

Do not set down your albums flat-if you set the records right on top of each other, they will brush against each other and get scuffed up.

Also if they are in a vinyl sleeve or jacket it will not automatically cover the play surface if you spill anything on it. So these are the tips for storing vinyl records.

Place the documents by standing them up vertically. Attempt not to let the records fall over, because this can allow them to warp.